Program Overview

Alliance 4 The Brave is a weekly Radio Show and a Community Outreach Mission Serving our US Active Duty Military, Veterans & First Responders communities/families.

Saturdays 9-11AM CT on KBDT 1160AM


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Our Mission

Alliance 4 The Brave is not just a Radio Show. It is a public square for our brave men and women who currently serve in our armed forces and it is also a public square for those who have dawned the uniform with Valor. It is a show that showcases these brave men and women who have devoted themselves to an idea greater than any of us.

Our brave sons and daughters deserve to have a voice as they are Mothers and Daughters and Fathers and Sons. America was authored by a simple concept of freedom for all man without fear of tyranny or oppression and each day these great heroes display their courage to continue a tradition that was established in the commons of Concord.

Alliance 4 the Brave wants to tell those stories and we also want to help those who may have fallen on hardship or in action on the battlefield. We leave none of Brothers and Sisters behind.

In January of 1961, President Kennedy encouraged Americans to ask not what their country could do for them, but what they could do for their country. This radio show hears that call to action.

It is our mission to offer a friendly ear to those who need it, a place for members of our armed forces and their families to receive helpful information. We also want to be that shining light of hope that lay along the coast line that serves as a beacon of inspiration. This endeavor will not be easy but we welcome it because it will be hard.