Your battlefield may have been in a distant or foreign land.  Starting and growing a business may feel just as distant and foreign.  But, you can live the American dream of business ownership.

The Business Beyond the Battlefield Conference provides collaborative, hands-on, interactive learning and networking opportunities to increase awareness of and facilitate access to entrepreneurial development resources that inspire action and adds economic value through the military connected community.​


  • Access relevant resources that provide guided information on finances and mentorships, including the best programming and services for your business type and model.

  • Learn how to identify relevant and valuable programs and services, and how to determine which programs are best for your professional development needs and learning style.

  • Understand how to manage expectations of the mentoring relationships by learning how to gather relevant and useful information from mentors, and how to ask direct and applicable questions.

  • Learn how to talk about your business in a clear and concise manner.

  • Learn how to maximize your skills by identifying your business profile and applying your strengths to your business.

  • Collaborate with other veteran and military spouse entrepreneurs, programs and service providers that are best for your specific business needs.

  • Discover relevant resources on business finances through workshops on how to be money-smart or better manage your personal and business finances.

  • Communicate and share through multiple tools, networking interactions and feedback surveys regarding best practices and veteran entrepreneurs’ needs and successes.

  • Tap into the growing community of resources that are helpful to military connected entrepreneurs through our private online community which uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to match entrepreneurs with opportunities, locally and online that will help you start or grow your business based upon those resources that veteran entrepreneurs report are most helpful.

  • Meet and interact with capital partners to access the funding you need to grow, improve and prosper.

  • Meet face to face with diversity and procurement professionals representing open opportunities to expand your business through both corporate and government contracting.

  • Interact with veteran friendly franchise executives with decades of experience, and choose from multiple concepts in dozens of industries that align with your unique business profile.

  • Increase your understanding of franchise law, and learn about franchise financing and how to grow absentee businesses.